Does a soul exist?

I mean all that comes to my mind when I think about the word “soul” is the vague figure of a spirit. (As shown in a few movies)

Other questions which pop up in my mind are:
Is a spirit and a soul the same? And if a soul exists, then where does it reside?
And can a soul be sentient/intelligent/self-aware, If yes then how is it able to think without a brain?
Is a soul just another form of energy that escapes our body?
There are many questions which are almost impossible to answer.

I believe that there exists no soul and that our life is just like a drawn line. It has a definite start point and an end point ( the end point being a bit tricky), But what I believe is that when we die, it is the end of us.
We cease to exist and well it’s simply as good as saying that you won’t have any sense of what is happening in the world. ( just would become randomly arranged molecules)

Where as I believe that Death can be considered to be like the state of an unconscious person, with the only thing different here is that you never wake up again.