Why I love healthy communities

Having a community where you can discuss your ideas, talk with people who have similar ideologies or with people who
have ideolgies poles apart from what you have is truly a privilege.

A safe and healthly community is a perfect place for growth.

For me this was and is FSCI(Free Software Community India) and hopefully will continue to be one in the future.

FSCI is just not about tech and liberation, I feel it is actually about the people.

I am truly fascinated by the idea of helping people just out of goodwill 🙂

I remember Sahil Dhiman(sahilister.in )sitting with me late nights and teach/guide me into hosting my own website with my own domain and everything. When I asked him why he was taking so much efforts, he simply laughed and just said..

“See Arun…,the way I helped you today,just pass it forward with someone else”.

I try my level best to do that 🙂

When I saw a librarian,a doctor as well a programmer,a politician , an artist all siting in a Video Meet, discussion ideologies,
I was like wow…cause I never had experienced such a sitting.

Everyone has a story to tell and I believe we should voluntarily listen to everyone. The stories are extremely enriching.

When there are dissagreements… we simply agree to disagree.
This creates grounds for more healthy discussions without pointing fingers and the whole “My thinking is right”.

I believe we should form new communities , a safe and enriching place for anyone…. literally anyone…