If I can’t see the source, I can’t feel my soul.

I know, I know the title really does not make much sense, but try to get the vibe. I started using computers quite early in my life.My first machine was a sturdy HP-Windows XP Box .

I never really cared back then about privacy and stuff, for I even did not even know what privacy meant. In fact, I really was not even bothered with surveillance and stuff for quite a major portion of my teenage life.

BTW I am 19 years old as of now.

I became the paranoid freak I am when I was introduced to the Free/Libre Software community.

( FYI :- The above sentence is the best thing that could have happened to me )

They educated me as to what all wrongs were happening in the society in the field of computing.

From then on, whenever I used a computer.. I’m like.. Is this thing spying on me ? Is my private info available to some third party, and if that third party gets hacked will my information be out in the open ?

I could not use my computer in peace.

Libre Software was and is my rescue.

If I feel paranoid about something … I simply go look at the source code of the program, and if I do not want to look at the source code, I check if any of my free software community buddies use it and if they do, that trust gets me going.

I tried using Windows again as a test, a week back. I failed miserably.

After looking at the privacy settings and the whole “Let Us Collect Your Data for your personalised  use”, I immediately did a clean Debian install.

Libre Software is also a great way to learn how a program works. Like if you are fascinated by how a program is able to do something, just go look at the code, it is that simple.

This is the end of this blog post …, I just felt like sharing my thoughts on this.

Why I love healthy communities

Having a community where you can discuss your ideas, talk with people who have similar ideologies or with people who
have ideolgies poles apart from what you have is truly a privilege.

A safe and healthly community is a perfect place for growth.

For me this was and is FSCI(Free Software Community India) and hopefully will continue to be one in the future.

FSCI is just not about tech and liberation, I feel it is actually about the people.

I am truly fascinated by the idea of helping people just out of goodwill 🙂

I remember Sahil Dhiman(sahilister.in )sitting with me late nights and teach/guide me into hosting my own website with my own domain and everything. When I asked him why he was taking so much efforts, he simply laughed and just said..

“See Arun…,the way I helped you today,just pass it forward with someone else”.

I try my level best to do that 🙂

When I saw a librarian,a doctor as well a programmer,a politician , an artist all siting in a Video Meet, discussion ideologies,
I was like wow…cause I never had experienced such a sitting.

Everyone has a story to tell and I believe we should voluntarily listen to everyone. The stories are extremely enriching.

When there are dissagreements… we simply agree to disagree.
This creates grounds for more healthy discussions without pointing fingers and the whole “My thinking is right”.

I believe we should form new communities , a safe and enriching place for anyone…. literally anyone…

Does a soul exist?

I mean all that comes to my mind when I think about the word “soul” is the vague figure of a spirit. (As shown in a few movies)

Other questions which pop up in my mind are:
Is a spirit and a soul the same? And if a soul exists, then where does it reside?
And can a soul be sentient/intelligent/self-aware, If yes then how is it able to think without a brain?
Is a soul just another form of energy that escapes our body?
There are many questions which are almost impossible to answer.

I believe that there exists no soul and that our life is just like a drawn line. It has a definite start point and an end point ( the end point being a bit tricky), But what I believe is that when we die, it is the end of us.
We cease to exist and well it’s simply as good as saying that you won’t have any sense of what is happening in the world. ( just would become randomly arranged molecules)

Where as I believe that Death can be considered to be like the state of an unconscious person, with the only thing different here is that you never wake up again.

There really exists no software

When I was a small child I used to wonder how computer storage worked and like how I used to click on the delete button and the computer would delete the files magically for me.

I always compared a computer to an actual human and the fact that you could delete files on demand got me crazy cause as a human I could never do that and neither can i do it now.

As a child I never quite understood how memory devices work and like how it’s literally just atoms arranged in a particular position that represents a bit.

To be honest after I learnt what a bit is and how it can be manipulated and stored… it was like a recursive flashback, my brain trying to make sense of all the conceptual gap and magic that I could not connect all that while.

The fact that there really is no software is so fascinating.

Like when we write software .. we are actually just causing hardware to make changes to hardware.

I mean if we ask ourselves..What is actually a program or a software?

Well..,It is just bits arranged in a particular order.Thats it.

So basically if I have a program that prints out “hello world” and lets say takes the size of 3Kb on disk.

Technially without knowing how to program,, if I am able to arrange those 3Kb worth of bits in the right order,I could essentially reproduce the same program.

Now that I think, if I want to make the world’s best compression algorithm…,Technially all I need to do is arrange the bits in the right order.

Well I have no clue about the permutations and the combinations that can take place but just as a mere thought it’s fascinating how we can create marvel by just arranging a few bits in the right order.